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About Me

Rebeccah Kocak

My spiritual journey goes back as far as I can remember.  From literally sharing the same dreams with my grandmother; being fascinated with the customs and stories I would hear from my Aunt and Uncle's time on a reservation in New Mexico; to learning about chakras and meditation in high school.  I always had a fascination with ritual (of light and love) and the seen and unseen.  As time went on, I eventually learned to put names to some of the practices that made me who I am.  

So who am I?  I am a healer - I use various tools to help my clients be the best person they can be at any given time.  Some tools I use:

Reiki - I have officially been using Reiki Energy since 2002, becoming a Holy Fire Reiki Master in 2016. I use Reiki every day of my life whether it is while I take a breath and charge my food with good intention and silent thank you before a mealtime; giving Reiki to my garden for continued growth and well being or giving a Reiki healing treatment.  

Yoga - I completed my Registered Yoga Teacher (200hr) designation in 2009.  I then went on to teach yoga for all ages - from a series of kids classes through chair yoga at many local nursing homes.  Yoga has helped turn everyday movements into a moving meditation and dance of life.  I love to share this dance with my clients whether it be quick tip to stretch a bothersome muscle, a full class or practice, and/or a assessment of how to integrate a practice into every day life.  

Crystals - Always interested in the healing powers of crystals and stones, I completed both the Certified Crystal Healer and the Advanced Crystal Master programs through Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy.  Whether I am reading stones  as divination tools or using their properties in a healing session, each and every one has a special meaning to me.  I meditate with all of my crystals prior to using them to make sure they are clear, charged and have the right properties for the healing or message at hand.  

Psychic and Mediumship  - I have had an extra sense as far back as I can remember.  Through years of development and practice, I have honed the skills to be able to provide a clear connection with the spirit world and also deliver predictive messages to help my clients with their everyday life.

Shamanic Healing - Through extensive study and an awakening to the energy I have used since I can remember, I perform shamanic healings through custom guided journeys and messages directly from spirit.  In fact, in addition to an official healing I may perform, all of the healing and reading I do has a shamanic wrap to it.  A great deal of shamanic principles resonate deeply within my core.  

I honor the opportunity to work with you.